Will the fourth industrial revolution take place in ten years?


For the moment, we have assisted three industrial revolutions. The first, which took place between 1760 and 1830, ended with the role of slaves and serfs thanks to the transition from manual to mechanical production. The second, around 1850, reduced the hardness of agricultural and craft work thanks to electricity. The third came in the mid-twentieth century with electronics and information technology and telecommunications.

The fourth will multiply the speed, range and impact of the systems produced by the third. Some experts consider that this fourth revolution will come in a decade .


According to words Valentín Klímov participant in the Neuroinformatics 2017 conference in Moscow, and the deputy director of the Institute of Intelligent Cybernetic Systems of the National Nuclear Research University of Russia (MEPhI):


It seems to me that in the next ten years a new revolution will take place: the neurotechnological one. It must drastically change human life. Artificial intelligence based on neural networks will reach human intelligence in terms of its development. Humans and computers will interact as equals and each will solve their tasks. It will be a symbiosis.

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Too optimistic? If you are right, we will soon have plenty of free time to do creative and leisure activities. Also, there will probably be a big problem with the lack of jobs. Although there may be works that we can not imagine yet.

All in all, the combined profits of all Fortune 500 stores, restaurant chains and supermarkets are less than Apple's profits alone, but Apple employs 76,000 people and in stores, supermarkets and chains. restaurants work 5.6 million people.

Although new works will appear, there will not be enough jobs for all .

The fourth revolution, however, will lower the costs of goods and services so much that if we have a basic universal income we may live as much as a perpetual vacation .